Urban Water

Currently, individuals are paying what I believe to be unnecessary fees to remove their home from the current council water network. I believe this is unnecessary as these individuals pay out of pocket fees in order to remove themselves from this system in the first place. The reuse of stormwater can have huge positive impacts … Continue reading Urban Water


Circular Economics/ Resilient Cities

Week 10 Lecture "Alternative Urban Systems as the Pathway to Sustainability" by Steven Liaros: (PolisPlan) Circular thinking as an alternative to the traditional linear thinking style whereby products do not necessarily have an end date, but their "death" can bring about new life and outputs and be used as inputs for new processes. A linear … Continue reading Circular Economics/ Resilient Cities

Green Infrastructure

Week 9 Lecture by Carlos Bartesaghi Green Infrastructure or blue-green infrastructure is a network providing the “ingredients” for solving urban and climatic challenges by building with nature. The goal of Green Infrastrucure (GI) is to deliver EcoSystem Services (ESS) to protect biodiversity. The main components of this approach include stormwater management, climate adaptation, less heat stress, … Continue reading Green Infrastructure

Urban Sustainability and Urban Resiliance

Week 7 Lecture by Professor James Weirick Case Study: Canberra, Australia "Resilience determines the persistence of relationships within a system and is a measure of the ability of these systems to absorb changes of state variables, driving variables, and parameters, and still persist" -Holling (1973) The concept of urban resiliance is linked to a cities … Continue reading Urban Sustainability and Urban Resiliance

Frameworks and Indicators for Sustainability

Lecture 24.3.16 by Johnathon Fox Urbanisation is the process of the number of people living in cities increasing, whether this is natural, through the birth rate, or through immigration (such as movement from regional or rural areas into cities). The process of urbanisation occurs across 3 mediums: demographic, economic and physical and requires 4 major … Continue reading Frameworks and Indicators for Sustainability

Origins, definitions and critique of smart cities

Lecture 17.3.16 by Professor Chris Petit "the concept of the ‘smart city’ has recently been introduced as a strategic device to encompass modern urban production factors in a common framework and, in particular, to highlight the importance of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in the last 20 years for enhancing the competitive profile of a … Continue reading Origins, definitions and critique of smart cities