Week 12 Lectures 20/10/16 Waste by Angus Towart (Terracycle) Garbage does not exist in nature: every output can be used as an input for another (or the same) cycle. Australians send almost 10,000,000t of waste to landfill EVERY YEAR. Avoid the creation of garbage Waste has 3 characteristics: composition, features and intention. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgiTKgqJl_c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zh4F3sZNLqA   … Continue reading Waste


Water Sensitive Urban Design

Lecture Week 11 13/10/16 by Carlos Bartesaghi Koc Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUB) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_DTnOzYTR4 Currently, there exists a dichotomy between grey infrstructure used in cities, and green infrastructure used in regional areas. We need to change our thinking to allow a greater integration of these 2 types of infrastructure, especially in cities where the greatest … Continue reading Water Sensitive Urban Design

Architectural Biotechnology/ Recycling Glass

Week 4 Lecture 18/8/16 by Claudia Echeverria Encina and Heriyanto Architectural Biotechnology with Waste Fibres by Claudia Echeverria Encina Waste is perceived as a second hand material, whereas it has the opportunnity to instead be a latent material. These products can be retrieved at intermediate places between the post consumer and landfill stages. Here lies an opportunity … Continue reading Architectural Biotechnology/ Recycling Glass

Green Roofs

Week 3 Lecture 11.8.16 by John Blair Background Popular in parts of Eurpoe for decades; but limited interest in Australia. Maybe because there's less pressure? We already have such plentiful green spaces available. What are green roofs? Roofs covered with plant material. Can be an extensive roof - involving a growing medium, filter membrane, drainage … Continue reading Green Roofs

Resources, Materials and Sustainability

Lecture Week 1 given by Candace Landsman (CEO, Circular Economy, Australia) Circular Economy Ultra recycling, ultra reuse. The concept of curcular economy vs a linear economy differs at the "end" of a product, whereby it is reused in some form, rather than discarded so its lifetime is longer and more efficient. Current economic model: take (resources); … Continue reading Resources, Materials and Sustainability