Façade Design: A Perspective

Week 11 Lecture 10/10/16 by Brett Pollard (Hassell) Sustainability: A Perspective Some examples of buildings and their facade choice as a means to reduce internal heat load. 123 Albert Street, Brisbane https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/0/0c/Rio_Tinto_Tower.jpg/250px-Rio_Tinto_Tower.jpg Double light scoop louvres used on northern facade, with a singlr light scoop system used on the western facade. SA Water Building faces due … Continue reading Façade Design: A Perspective


Sustainable Balance

Lecture Week 9 19/9/16 by Krishna Munsami (Building Scans) Energy, moisture and IAQ: the vital triangle See Krishna's earlier presentation here Empowering the principles of sustainable buildings: Moisture ingress (damp house syndrome) indoor air quality (sick house syndrome) energy efficient building envelope (thermal comfort) It's time to consider sustainability on a micro level, instead of just … Continue reading Sustainable Balance

Sustainable Design, Construction and Operations Rating and Assessment Tool

Lecture Week 4 15/8/16 by Jeff D Oatman (GBCA) What is a rating system? Makes things comparable across a range of targets. What is a green building? We have to look at it in 3 stages; design, construction and operation as buildings can perform differently to the way they've been designed or operated etc. so our … Continue reading Sustainable Design, Construction and Operations Rating and Assessment Tool

Building Simulation for Energy Efficient Design

Lecture Week 3 8/8/16 by PC Thomas from Team Catalyst Green building - "provide a comfortable and productive internal environment with minimal greenhouse impact" -Team Catalyst Regulatory regimes in Australia: Section J, Building Code of Australia (BCA) Green Star, Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) National Australian Building Environmental Rating System (NABERS) Comercial Building Disclosure … Continue reading Building Simulation for Energy Efficient Design

Energy: Fundamentals and Application

Week 2 Lecture by Alexander Hespe (Arup) 1/8/16 Pre - Lecture Task: "A 40 Year Plan For Energy: Reinventing Fire" - Armory Lovins http://www.ted.com/talks/amory_lovins_a_50_year_plan_for_energy#t-1098672 (about 25 minutes long and very valuable) This video describes the need for renewable energy and how to go about this, as well as the problems of continuing to use oil, coal or … Continue reading Energy: Fundamentals and Application