Sustainable Balance

Lecture Week 9 19/9/16 by Krishna Munsami (Building Scans) Energy, moisture and IAQ: the vital triangle See Krishna's earlier presentation here Empowering the principles of sustainable buildings: Moisture ingress (damp house syndrome) indoor air quality (sick house syndrome) energy efficient building envelope (thermal comfort) It's time to consider sustainability on a micro level, instead of just … Continue reading Sustainable Balance


Waste Management Infrastructure

2 x Lectures: Week 8 at 14/9/16 Waste Management Infrastructure and Food Waste and its Treatment Waste Management Infrastructure Storage of rubbish bins is super important: let's think about it for a second; You're more likely to use a bin that's in a convenient location, clean, accessible, easy to lift the lid, not too full etc. … Continue reading Waste Management Infrastructure

“Green” cleaning and leasing

Week 8 Lecture on 13/9/16 “Green” cleaning: products and practices; operational waste management by Fiona Martin “Green” leasing: mutual obligations and benefits, fit- outs and equipment selection by Paul Osmond Green Cleaning - Separating the reason from the rhetoric Why do we clean? health and hygiene aesthetics maintain longevity of fittings, fixtures and equipment Cleaning … Continue reading “Green” cleaning and leasing

Green Infrastructure

Associate Professor Linda Corkery, Carlos Carlos Bartesaghi Koc, PhD student and Parisa Pakzad, PhD student Measuring the Sustainability Performance of Green Infrastructure by Parisa Pakzad, PhD student "All natural, semi-natural and artificial networks of multifunctional ecological systems within, around and between urban sites at all spatial scales" Structure: core hub corridors Green Infrastructure (GI) is about … Continue reading Green Infrastructure

The Baton Change: Transition from Capital Investment to Operaations

Week 7 Lecture on 6/9/16 by Joe Santangelo Strategic Asset Management Overview What is an asset? An item of value. Value is measured as benefit divided by cost. Ideally, the greater this figure the higher the value of the asset. Phases of strategic asset management: Plan and design strateic assest management plan solution design … Continue reading The Baton Change: Transition from Capital Investment to Operaations