Sustainability at NorthConnex

Lecture Week 5 24/8/16 by Dr. Tim Clarke (Lend Lease) North Conex Sustainability Manager

  • Tunnel excavation – 20.5 km
  • total spoil – 2,300,000 m3 (Imagine: A truck can remove around 15 m3 at a time…)
  • Total Concrete – 558,000 m3 (Imagine: A truck carries around 8 m3 at a time… this equates on this project to around 1 truck every 4 minutes, for 24 hours a day)
  • Total Steel – 4,500 t
  • Total Water 450,000 kL

Conditions of approval: “Excellent” ISCA Rating (for both design, and as built phases)

Project Initiatives

  • Indigenous Involvement (Indigenous cultural awareness training)
  • Community Involvement (Nesting Boxes with Men’s Shed)
  • Onsite Initiatives (Retaining 200 m2 of threatened vegetation etc.)

Hornsbury Quarry

By reusing the site spoil to infill the Hornsbury Quarry (about 5km away from the site) instead of trucking the spoil to Pennant Lakes (about 120km away from site), this will save approximately 20.9 million km of trucking and 37,500,000 L of fuel, which will obviously have a huge impact on road traffic, truck emissions etc.

Further References

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 7.34.58 PM


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