Architectural Biotechnology/ Recycling Glass

Week 4 Lecture 18/8/16 by Claudia Echeverria Encina and Heriyanto

Architectural Biotechnology with Waste Fibres

by Claudia Echeverria Encina

Waste is perceived as a second hand material, whereas it has the opportunnity to instead be a latent material.

These products can be retrieved at intermediate places between the post consumer and landfill stages. Here lies an opportunity to transfer environmental priority waste into biocomposites material.

“Approximately 140,000 tonnes of waste wood pallets and crates is sent to lanfills in Sydney alone each year”

-EPA (2012)

Recycling Glass for the Built Environment

by Heriyanto Heriyanto

“From waste to green materials”

Glass is very durable, and 100% recyclable. Glass is capable of being endlessly recycled without losing purity; it can also take up to 4,000+ years to decompose. A major advantage in this is also that there is low energy consumption in producing new glass.



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