Sustainable Design, Construction and Operations Rating and Assessment Tool

Lecture Week 4 15/8/16 by Jeff D Oatman (GBCA)

What is a rating system? Makes things comparable across a range of targets.

What is a green building? We have to look at it in 3 stages; design, construction and operation as buildings can perform differently to the way they’ve been designed or operated etc. so our definition of green building can be very broad, or extremely narrow depending on who we are and what we’re trying to answer.

Why are rating tools required? Why can’t it be done through regulations? Regulations set minimum standards, whereas a rating tool allows differentiation and drives best practice outcomes. Self regulation can be excercised through use of voluntary rating tools.

Why do we need rating tools? Establish a common language to allow clarity, reference and demonstration of skills. Rating tools can also be used to identify a set of impacts and to promote a specific outcome. Also importantly, rating tools provide an independant verification.

Rating tools differ between construction stages and different requirements therefore need to be met.

Holistic Rating Tools

Looks across a range of categories, at a range of building stages. Holistic rating tools cover a wider scope than more specific rating tools.

e.g. LEEDS, Green Star etc.

Levels of achievement: good practice, best practice, leading practice, beyond practice.

Methods of assessment: third party independant assessment, commissioned assessment, self assessment which all obviously differ primarily through their level of independance.

Weighting of issues – what’s ultimately more important? Where do you draw the line and determine an ultimatum. GBCA uses acedmic and industry informants, as well as considering effort vs achievement considerations.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 7.03.07 PM.png

Examples of rating tools

  • World Green Building Council
  • GreenStar (Australia)
  • LEED (US)
  • WELL Building Standard (International)
  • DGNB (Germany)
  • Green Mark (Singapore)
  • Living Building Challenge


Further References

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 7.34.58 PM


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