Building Simulation for Energy Efficient Design

Lecture Week 3 8/8/16 by PC Thomas from Team Catalyst

Green building – “provide a comfortable and productive internal environment with minimal greenhouse impact”

-Team Catalyst

Regulatory regimes in Australia:

Building Loads

loads that create heat within a building:

  • solar radiation
  • temperature difference driven heat transfer
  • internal heat generation
  • air change/s: ventilation/infiltration

How do we therefore monise heating and cooling loads, i.e. the size of air conditioners and heater particularly in the residential and commercial sectors?

In Melbourne (being a temperate climate) there is no question; heaters and air conditioners are no required at all where good design has been employed. Sydney is a little different so here’s some of the things we can think about:

  • windows: size, placement, type, frames
  • venilation: location/sizes
  • building orientation
  • external shading as a priority over internal shading (also consider operable vs fixed)
  • building envelop material choice
  • thermal mass consideration
  • smart insulation choice in terms of type and placement
  • air movement capture: analysing and effectively using external air flow
  • humidity control
  • construction quality


Further References


Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 7.34.58 PM



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