Sustainable Infrastructure

Lecture Week 2 3/8/16 by Sarath Mataraarachchi

Panel Discussion – Stephen Alchin (Infrastructure Australia), Fil Cerone (Transport for NSW), Ainsley Simpson (Infrastructure Council of NSW)

ISCA (Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia)

Peak, non for profit company that focuses soley on infrastructure. Is currently a voluntary based system. Infrastructure sustainability includes planned, design, constructed and operated in order to optimise environmental outputs. It involves a holistic approach to sustainability, from inital planning stages through to operation stages.

Benefits of Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) is that it creates a common national language which is nationally consistent.

Infrastructure Australia

Infrastructure Australia has no executive authority, there are an advisor only. They advise on strategy, policy and governance. Projects are required to go before the board in projects where they’re seeking more than $100 million from the AUstralian Government.

Audit and plan for national infrastructure is prroduced at least every 5 years.

Transport for NSW

Development and implementation of sustainability across the asset lifecycle.


Policy Statement

Environment Policy Framework

Further Resources

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