Sustainable Infrastructure

Lecture Week 1 given 27/7/16 by Saarath Mataraarachchi

Infrastructure is “the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities (e.g. buildings, roads, power supplies) needed for the operation of a society or enterprise”.

Categorising infrastructure:

  • Utilities – gas and electricity, water supply and sewerage, waste collection and disposal;
  • Public Works – roads and bridges, dams and canals, ports and airports, railways;
  • Community Facilities –schools, hospitals, civic centres, parks, recreation, police, and prisons;
  • Telecommunications – telephone, internet, television, satellites, cable, broadband, etc;
  • Green Infrastructures – interconnected networks of vegetated and riparian habitats: parks; rivers, corridors, green roofs and walls, porous paving, that provide ecosystem services.

City infrastructure sectors: justice and emergency services, cultural/civic, agriculture/science/environment, health, transport, energy, education/training, water, IT/Communication etc

Infrastructure interventions are the biggest and most critical interventions in cities; any mistake will cost more to fix. They allow cities to function effectively – and ideally – efficiently. Infrastructure transforms cities between ages or eras.

We are in a current era upgrade from coal powered plants to renewable energy which is a complex and challenging process. This transition requires clear policy framework and needs to be managed equitably as the process doesn’t not just involve new infrastructure, but possibly also upgrading and retrofitting existing infrastructure. Infrastructure therefore defines Quality of Life (QOL).

There are many characteristic that impact infrastructure including globalisation and political issues.

The way forward…

What are the challenges? How do we overcome these barriers?

Further References

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