Resources, Materials and Sustainability

Lecture Week 1 given by Candace Landsman (CEO, Circular Economy, Australia) Circular Economy Ultra recycling, ultra reuse. The concept of curcular economy vs a linear economy differs at the "end" of a product, whereby it is reused in some form, rather than discarded so its lifetime is longer and more efficient. Current economic model: take (resources); … Continue reading Resources, Materials and Sustainability


Sustainable Infrastructure

Lecture Week 1 given 27/7/16 by Saarath Mataraarachchi Infrastructure is "the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities (e.g. buildings, roads, power supplies) needed for the operation of a society or enterprise". Categorising infrastructure: Utilities – gas and electricity, water supply and sewerage, waste collection and disposal; Public Works – roads and bridges, dams and … Continue reading Sustainable Infrastructure

Urban Water

Currently, individuals are paying what I believe to be unnecessary fees to remove their home from the current council water network. I believe this is unnecessary as these individuals pay out of pocket fees in order to remove themselves from this system in the first place. The reuse of stormwater can have huge positive impacts … Continue reading Urban Water