Circular Economics/ Resilient Cities

Week 10 Lecture “Alternative Urban Systems as the Pathway to Sustainability” by Steven Liaros: (PolisPlan)

Circular thinking as an alternative to the traditional linear thinking style whereby products do not necessarily have an end date, but their “death” can bring about new life and outputs and be used as inputs for new processes.

A linear economy is therefore a value economy, where human life should instead be values over monetary value.

Resilient Cities

Week 10 Lecture Part 2 by David Sanderson

Some Issues:

  1. Ability to recover
  2. Scale and preparedness
  3. Poverty at the core
  4. Irrelevent masterplans
  5. poor quality infrastructure
  6. Governance and coruption


  1. Clear boundaries
  2. Local inclusion
  3. Cash is key
  4. Aid is investment
  5. Urban resilience

Opportunities to recover:

  1. Urbanise humanitarian tools
  2. Use new tools
  3. Tackle corruption
  4. Be serious about resilience

Lecture Part 1

Further Reading

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 7.34.58 PM


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