Waste Management for Sustainable Cities

Lecture week 6 by Richard Horsefiled, Maquarie University

Waste management is complex, in terms of at least the following factors:

o The types of waste involved
o The sources of waste
o The issues involved
o The stakeholders involved
o The outcomes that are wanted


Addressing waste management in any city or municipal area involves the interplay of all of these factors to achieve an appropriate outcome for the particular situation

Things required for effective waste management practices: behaviour, infrastructure/services and legislation/regulations.

Types of waste: putrescible, e-waste, inert, hazardous and they all require different handeling in order to dispose of them most appropriately which involves separation processes as well as aerobic vs anaerobic management. As wastes break down, they can also release harmful fumes such as methane which must be appropriately managed.

3 important factors to look at when considering waste management: the different levels of government that are involved, the different approaches to waste management and the many types of waste.

The most important thing to remember with waste management is that it is an extremely complex issue with many layers and considerations.

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 7.34.58 PM


One thought on “Waste Management for Sustainable Cities

  1. Jeff says:

    I would proffer that the lesson on waste management is that the solutions are limited in scope and effect until the production side is brought in, either in terms of replacement of materials/homogenization of materials, or in terms of accepting recycled/recyclable materials.


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